Achievements & Certificates

Bajaj Finserv HackRx National Hackathon

Second Position

June 2021

Secured second position for developing a recommendation engine using BERT word embedding from scraped data.

(Python, RASA, TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, Pandas, NLTK, spaCy)

Marsh McLennan Dremio Insights Competition (IIT Bombay)

Third Position

January 2021

Third Place for designing a robust, scalable data processing pipeline and training a Deep Learning model.

(Python, Hadoop, MySQL, TensorFlow, Dremio, Tableau)

MateLabs Demand Forecasting Challenge

First Position

September 2020

First Place for training a tree-based boosting model to predict demand with the lowest RMSE among all competitors.

(Python, Scikit-Learn, LGBM, Pandas, Numpy, Scipy)

ACM Mumbai Hackathon

First Position

March 2020

Winner of ACM Mumbai Hackathon (Problem Statement 4) where we built a platform where budding startups, entrepreneurs and investors can connect and implemented recommendation engine for recommmending jobs to job seekers.

Smart India Hackathon

First Position

February 2020

Winner for problem statement (NM-378) in college. Trained a computer vision model to classify crops in farms with overall best accuracy and F1 Score. Scraped crop images from google.

(Python, TensorFlow, OpenCV)

Prakalp Case Study (IIT Bombay)

National Finalist

October 2019

Analysed a business problem and presented our solution for it at IIT Bombay, were one of the top 6 in India.

(R, Tableau, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint)