About Me


Prelude: As someone who recognizes himself as a philonoist, this website is currently (and perennially will be) under construction.

Namaste, my name is Kritik Seth and I am a Data Scientist based in New York. I am currently pursuing MS in Data Science from NYU Graduate School of Arts & Science (Center for Data Science), where I am expected to graduate in 2024. Prior to my Master's, I completed a BTech in Data Science in 2022. Throughout my academic journey, I have gained valuable hands-on experience through several internships in the field of data science.

In addition to my academic and professional experience, I have also achieved success in multiple national and international ML hackathons, showcasing my strong problem-solving skills and ability to think critically. I have been programming in Python for over four years and have a solid foundation in mathematics and statistics, which have been essential in my studies and internships.

I am known for my clear communication skills and ability to work both independently and collaboratively. I am a highly analytical individual with strong interpersonal and leadership skills, and I have a strong ability to clearly communicate complex and technical information.

My portfolio is a representation of all that I have learned and accomplished as a data science student and demonstrates my critical thinking skills, knowledge, and experience.


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